Spring Awakening

Spring has finally sprung in New York.  The worst winter in the last 20 years was topped again this year and its finally over.
Standard Hotel beer garden with a bunch of jen's women's health mag peeps past present and future including art directors from various places
diggin this South slope bar zebra wall paper
my floozie pockets.  but if i made these into shorts the pockets would be halfway to my knee making me the most conservative floozie-with-shorts-showing-pocket-linings

Spring Awakening - acrylic on wood 2015.  I finally painted this thing I thought of last spring.  I have to photograph this properly sometime.  I painted it with pink pearl iridescent paint so it doesn’t photograph well and looks better in person.  The first painting in a lifelong series.  My awakening.  The flowers are Trillium and grow in the forest where I grew up in upstate New York.  Growing up everyone thought they were endangered and illegal to pick (common mistake but not true).  When was your spring awakening?  When did you “see” for the first time?

John's wife Masako's brother and his gf came to NYC so we showed them around a few days.  This is a mandatory DUMBO shot of the manhattan bridge 

Brooklyn Bridge park, brooklyn bridge, jane's carousel, the new world trade center all seen here

an evening at Floyd's on atlantic avenue, where a dollar gets you 10 plays in the juke box and they have a bocce ball court.

We ended up playing the winning team of the last game and there were a few Frenchies.  We won so then Akira was feeling good and challenged them to another game for beers and we lost but international friendship beers were had.

my birthday ballon finally decides to join the party after 6 weeks.

Akira and Masami are both Jazz and classical musicians.  They played a bunch of open jam sessions while they were here.  Here they are at SMALLS
Masami wow'd the crowd, especially since you don't see that many jazz flute players.
It was also the night of 1001 cocktails.  Foo led the way around his east village joints.

the night ended in a second dinner of Japanese food and Village Yokocho
after the night of 1001 cocktails we took a leisurely afternoon walking around Williamsburg.  Stopped by the Cotton Canday Machine gallery and spotted Joe Sorren, pop surrealist/low brow painter extrodanaire painting stuff for his show.

view from that park in williamsburg
Akira got to play at Kitano in midtown.  Smalls was full of mostly music school students but Kitano was many many levels higher.  You definitely need skills to play at Kitano.  Caveat, being in midtown, the cliental is older and and overall lamer so that means they have a jazz vocalist on every song and for jazz purists vocal jazz is not the coolest thing all the time since it often panders to that midtown clientele that want to hear something "nice"  It seems like if you want a real down and dirty jam session you still have to haunt the nights of NYC after midnight.  A kind of reverse keeping the riff raff out scheme, keeping the affluent midtown crowd out and letting the riff raff jam away.  Akira is a great piano player.  If you want to see them play they live in Osaka and play around there all the time.  Akira Matsumura
Masami's hanko, which is her last name and necessary for any kind of legal document in Japan.  They are starting to have exceptions to this though, especially for foreigners, like I got an HSBC account in Tokyo and they didn't require me to have a hanko.
old and new.  The New York Public Library in the front, Bank of America building in the back.

Winter Just Won't Stop

aaaaand winter just won't stop.  more snow and super coldness.
supplies for our Hawaiian party

SPAM musubi is Hawaiian.  Lost the photos on my camera but this thing got piled high with them.

vanilla and chocolate egg creams from Farmacy on carroll gardens.  If this is what an egg cream is then don't sign me up.  It was like drinking dirty ice cream water.

I got this sun sniper tripod mount camera strap thingy last christmas but never posted it.  similar to the other one i had but less parts so maybe the metal won't wear away and break and leave my camera rolling in the street.  the whole thing swivels on a big ball bearing.

Chinatown haul.  $37.  If it looks like an american person went shopping then sorry, I don't have time to roast in-season chestnuts, boil all kinds of bones, or any of the other chinatown stuffs I wish I could buy.

even in the cold there are cat parties on a cold tin roof.  Yes it's the rare one day when its sunny in this photo but they also hang out on cold days too.  The coldest of days no, they're not stupid.

Smith 9th Streets station

the view from 5th ave and 15th street Brooklyn.

sausage platter at Der Kommissar, an Austrian bar in south slope.  They're house made Sriacha sauce is super hot.  It's hard to find super hot sauces and that one is blazing!

off of 9th street next to Lowes

A sad Lowe's parking lot.  The BQE and all its traffic elevated in the sky, the sanitation department in the back.  Not a corner of new york you need to be hanging out in unless you're painting your apartment

Sr. and Jr.

Buttermilk, another bar in south slope.  mini shuffleboard bowling amongst other games.  It seem like all bar on 5th ave in Park Slope/south slope have pinball machines. and people actually play them.  We saw a real pinball wizard and some kind of pinball team.
a guns n' roses pinball machine

complete with a gun and rose ball launcher.
onto more games.  Jen actually won

kickin' us when we're down.  Winter is such an a$$hole.

This is what it looks like when you get something back from the Canon repair facility in New Jersey.  My 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens started giving a Err 01 at any aperture other than f/2.8 and they said it would be $100 bucks plus tax and shipping to fix it and it's a $150 lens so even the guy recommended buying new.  I hate being that guy that just buys new but I had to on this one.

and slightly chuffed that I finally got a wall map.  Wish it was bigger.  Random scissors taped to the wall for size.  Still looking for the perfect map in the meantime.  This is a Rand McNally classic map, stereographic projection.  Aren't my blog posts so fun these days?  Stereographic projection.