The Raish Brothers Brotherly Roadtrip - Austin Texas

We drove from Sweetwater, TX to Austin, TX.  Austin has become a center for music and the arts believe it or not, Texas is becoming cool.
those Texas windfarms in daylight.

its hard to see but they go into infinity.

first time seeing cotton fields.

going 80+ mph for hours makes your windshield look like this.

we stayed at an extended stay outside of Austin because there was nothing else left.  Unbeknownst to us this weekend happened to be ACL, Austin City Limits famous music festival so everyone was in town.  Extended stay was probably the worst place we stayed at.  Here is just one example of their awesomeness.

we took the bus to downtown Austin because we wanted to drink and party because it was friday night.  Here is bob kneeling down in the shade of a tree in 90 degree Texas weather by the bus stop like a true migrant worker/poor student/poor adult.

Lambert's BBQ in Austin was the best thing we ate on the whole trip.  It's a bit fancier and pricier than what you would think of as a BBQ place but in this case you really get what you pay for.  The pulled pork was IT!  Cheesy grits, and brisket were also consumed with pleasure.

The emergence of the bats at dusk from under the Congress Bridge is supposed to be a big thing and it looks crazy because thousands of bats fly out like its a scene in batman or something.  There is a hotline to call and they end up telling you the 2 hour window that they might emerge at.  We debated over this for a few minutes on the bridge and then decided to go have a quick drink because there were supposed to be lots of bars on south congress street.  we crossed the bridge and didn't see any immediate bars or anything that looked like it would be a bar area anytime soon and had a brief tiff over what to do and then went back to the bridge to at least figure things out and maybe the bats would come out while we were planning.  These people are waiting in this park on the south side of the river.

boat waiting around for the bats and kayakers and weird floatilla boat things too.

it started to get dark and everyone was dropping out of the game like flies.  Every minute longer we stayed there the closer to the time the bats would appear was, but also that meant we would have less time to have drinks because we had a michael jackson singalong dance party at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema to go to.  We got into another tiff about aggregate means and the two hour window was just about up and finally the bats came out.  kind of.

it was so dark at this point that you could barely make the bats out and it looked like they were just flying out under the bridge like 10 feet and then flying back under, not flying out into the night in a long swath for a well composed photo.  It seemed like you could only see like 10 at a time, not 10,000.  Major disappointment.  Major.  we gambled and lost but not in the way I thought we would lose.  We thought an amazing 10,000 bat experience was a guaranteed thing and it was a mere fizzle of bats.  We said F it we will go get drinks on Rainey street and Uber it over to the Alamo later.

These girls got in the way of my shot but on a side note there are lots of hot girls in Austin.  We didn't see the stereotype of the hot blonde texan cowgirl but we were quite surpised at the number of attractive ladies around Austin.

Rainey street

food truck area

Austin City Limits festival ending made us late.  Thank goodness for Uber and technology

The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar has this "The Shining" scene in their lobby.  So there are like 6 Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin all with different programing and I messed it up and the Michael Jackson singalong dance party was at 2 other branches but not at this one.  We were faced with watching "Gone Girl" or drinking around Austin.  We went with drinking in Austin

we ended up at the cool bar the Highball right next door where there was a 90s dance party going on.  We stayed there for the rest of the night and for many beers.
Austin seems pretty cool.  Things seem spread out but if you know where you're going there is lots of cool stuff going on.

The Raish Brothers Brotherly Roadtrip - CO-NM-TX

On this day of the Raish Brothers Brotherly road trip we drove from Aurora, Colorado through the north west corner of New Mexico and into Texas as far as Sweetwater where we stayed the night.
We bought Bob this shirt "Don't Mess with Bob He's got attitude" and it was to be his road trip shirt.  I thought It was awesome and original but on the flight to Denver I saw several "Bob" t-shirts in the skymall catalog in the back of the seat!  I told bob to do his best super heroine pose for our journey beginning photo.  Isn't it so enticing?  He is so alluring and almost saying you could have it if you wanted but then at the same time he is a badass super heroine that you would never be able attain.  such is the power of the super heroine and her natural and practical poses.

what did I tell you about the "Flamin' Hot" franchise out here?  Here we have XXtra Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  I was tickled.  and it definitly tickles your spicy taste buds quite a bit.  These things are actually hot which is hard to find in commercial products.

So the second purchase on the road trip had to be this Logitech UE mini Boom bluetooth speaker because the speakers in bob's 2006 Hyundai Elantra were inaccessible to any of our devices because it didn't even have an audio in mini jack let alone, usb or bluetooth capabilities.  Just a CD player, and who owns CDs anymore?  I read reviews and this thing got the best value vs sound rating over the Jambox which is twice the price at $200, at least at bestbuy where we got this.  Our spirits increased 10 fold as soon as we plugged this in and got the tunes pumping.  Music we could both agree on was stuff like the Black Keys, Jack White, James Blake, NPR podcasts like radiolab, this american life, serial, a few random podcasts, and of course Disney singalongs galore.  there was also a lot of boyz II men and other 90s and 2000s era singalongs too.

i was going to make some caption about don't you hear that lonesome whistle blow'? but the lyrics to Hank Williams' "I'm so lonesome I could cry" call it a midnight train so that doesn't work.  That's on my mind because at Graceland I saw at least 2 video clips of Elvis saying this is the saddest song i've ever heard and then he went into that song in all of his non-Hank Williams Elvis-ness.

Somewhere in New Mexico.  The speed limit is 75 mph and the road stretches forever.  No traffic and mesas for days.  the clouds!

We stopped in Clayton New Mexico near the border of Texas at the Rabbit Ear Cafe.  The best Mexican I had on the trip although Bob says there is better but agreed it was good.  Beef and cheese enchiladas and tamales in the back.

Where does New Mexico end and Texas begin?  It all blurs together.

drug lords house?

Agri Producers Grain Corp.  

more Flamin' Hot fun in the form of Funyuns this time.  There is more you guys, so much more.

So here is that blood moon I was talking about, only the next night when it's not a total lunar eclipse and way lamer and a failure.

Texas has a sh!t load of wind farms.  At night it looks kind of crazy seeing a single red light from each one that goes on into infinity.  Wikipedia says Texas produces the most wind power of any US state and 8.3% of the electricity generated in Texas in 2013 came from wind power.

there are 735 Whataburger franchises across the southern US and it's from San Antonio Texas.  There was nothing else open around Sweetwater Texas at 10pm when we got in so we had to go with Whataburger.  Bob listens to some gaming podcast and they've talked about Whataburger a few times apparently.  It is superior to McDonalds and possibly better than BurgerKing although bob says its comparable to a Whopper.  A big difference is that they actually toast their buns and the fries were better.  In the end you still feel bad about yourself and try to justify it because its this fast food from texas but you're still this sad sad fast food eating monster.

The Raish Brothers Brotherly Road Trip - Rocky Mountains

We drove to Lake Granby and on to Estes in Colorado.  We got up to 12,000 feet
Tim and Mal's kid, Riordan.  He didn't cry or do anything bad the whole time.  He just smiled.  He was just maxin' and relaxin'

rich peeps mod home on the way.

The Rocky Mountains.

Argo Gold Mine.  I saw a sign along the way saying the gold rush started there, wherever there was.

there were still some aspens in yellow.

a flat plateau in the mountains.

if you know me intimately you know I love cheetos soooo much.  And that I love Flamin' Hot Cheetos even more.  I was delighted to find these flamin' hot chester's fries in Colorado.  That wasn't the end of the Flamin' Hot product line that I found throughout our roadtrip that isn't limited to Cheetos like in New York.  Are these Cheetos?  Did they make a brand name out of Chester's?  They're not called Cheetos that's for sure, but I guess you couldn't call them that because they are hot fries.  I like hot fries too so these get a thumbs up.  Soon enough though I would OD on flamin' hot products with a new one to try at every rest stop.

we were trying to get down to lake granby and touch the water and we ended up pulling in here and I was like bob we gotta get out of here 

Lake Granby.  I tried to film a clip of us skipping rocks and I skipped on the first time like 21 times off camera but then after that it was pathetic.

this was our ride, bob's car a 2006 Hyundai Elantra.  Notice him munching away on flamin' hot fries.

There is a beetle plague that is killing tons of trees in Colorado. 

Snow in October

Along Trail Ridge Road

the peak at alpine ridge is 12,005 feet.  This high you do get a tiny headache.  but it's gone quick

look at all those dead trees.


lake really high up in the mountains.

bob called this guy a true athlete because he biked all the way up here

America.  Why does the soda need to be so big?  Because they know you will drink it all.  drink it up.

Smokin' Daves BBQ.  This is what put me over the top for the rest of the trip.  American sized portions.   I was regretting every meal despite shoveling it all in my face.  A brisket philly cheese steak and sweet potato fries.  bob got pulled pork.  I even took half of this home and we ate it for breakfast the next day.

saw a few cool lenticular clouds in colorado, must be something about the mountains that make these round clouds.  After we got home we finished up bob's moving process.  We put his furniture outside with a "Free, Perfectly Fine Take Me" and as soon as I took my hand off the sign someone had pulled up to take something.  10 minutes later someone else came to take almost all the rest.  by the morning someone had taken the desk and that was it.  We also packed his trunk up to the max, bob sucks at fitting things into places so I put my masterful skills to use.  We did a dry run on packing the back of his car too.  We found this take out Mexican place where it was all the construction guys there getting their takeout food.  It was delicious but un-needed after that huge lunch.