NSFW Penthouse Magazine Illustrations

NSFW Not Safe For Work! Nudity! Sex! Avert your eyes and browers if you don't want to see racy illustrations!!! 3 illustrations for Penthouse Magazine's 45th anniversary

The story is about New York’s luxury swinger’s parties.  It was fun working on something racy for once instead of the normal boring subjects like taxes, and finance, and politics.  When you see these sorry Mom

feeling unsure

an invitation from across the room.  and no i didn't actually draw lady bits its all in shadow

the exhibitionists.  if you want to not see my beautiful face and see some beautiful and shiny nakedness you'll have to go to my website http://jasonraish.com/225824/4244416/gallery/nsfw-penthouse-magazine-illustrations

Paris Avec Fu

Fu came to visit for a week.  He is a veteran of visiting me in Japan too.  I conceded this once and spelled his name as he wishes but from here on out I will spell his name as Foo, a nice little slap on the cheek if I don't say so myself.
Foo is allergic to dogs so it was awesome to get Kaz all over him as much as possible.  One day we were listening to the This American Life episode where David Sedaris is living in Paris and kind of hates it.  Foo's allergies and the rudeness that he supposedly encountered when out by himself made him sound nasally and David Sedaris like when he finally came home, complaining about Paris this and that.  Hahahaha
I mean Kaz likes to sleep on the bed, what can I do?  I could probably not encourage it while filming it and giggling uncontrollably but come on now that's not what Jason does.

poor Foo so tuckered out he was even unable to remove the Kaz bait I put on his forehead.  Giggling uncontrollably as I write this.
Ok fine if you want some bad Karma for me here it is.  2 speeding tickets came in the mail from our Normandy trip.  The tickets are time stamped just 1 minutes apart!  45 euros each which isn't bad compared to the states.  I was thinking of contesting these but Oki pointed out that there are two tickets cuz it was two different cities and I was unlucky enough to pass the borders at that time.  So I just paid them.  I'm surprise there weren't more because I was speeding for 5 days basically.  It was only 10 and 11 km over the limit too!  (6 miles an hr).

the French version of Stubbz is a butcher at Le Bon Marche Epicerie

St. Germain

i've seen these guys around before

Foo on Ile de la Cité

I am so cool and awesome struttin' up to that sunset like I am here sunset let's do this

Rosa Bonheur is a way cool cafe/bar inside of Parc des Buttes Chaumont in Belleville but each summer they set up a bar on a barge in the Seine

the most brilliant souvenir.  Cat A-hole

Galeries Lafayette

Montparnasse Cemetary from Montparnasse tour shot by foo.

by foo

we actually got a reservation at Frenchie because they just changed their reservation policy to only same day reservations or something like that.  It was good but we felt bad for them because a big group of Americans (on the right) finally came for their reservation but they just ordered wine and one of the guys was trying to get them to go eat somewhere else because they weren't happy with this place and they were just loud and very american.  

I met Sonya the manager of Surface to Air in the Marais a while ago.  I'm gonna draw her for my Parisiens series when I have time.

D-Day fanfare.  Whole street had guys dressed up in WWII gear.

Le Diner de Cons (Dinner of idiots).  I should see this movie sometime

first service button i've seen outside of Asia.  This is at a new place in Pigalle in a kind of secret room

France has lost a battle but France has not lost the war - General Charles de Gaulle

I've never ordered a half baguette but knew that you could and thought they just cut whole one's in half but at this bakery it looks like they actually cook half baguettes somehow.  I don't know how this is possible though.

a subsection of a summer's worth of wine.  What a summer.  Time to go back to reality in NY.  So long Paris, see you in the Future.  À la prochaine

Paris avec Jen encore un fois

Jen came to visit for 2 weeks again this summer.

the two Canadian Vascilescu brothers live next to the two windmills on montmartre, litterally.  They are in a gated apartment complex and they have access to them but apparently the land lady is crazy and has cameras on everything and yells at people that are too loud or take photos.  We went to visit them, they are the ones that live in the mini museum apartment.

the Paris Brest was invented in 1910 to commemorate the Paris-Brest bicycle race so it's shaped like a wheel.

Saint Chapel is famous for it's stained glass and rightfully so.

my favorite was this tiny window on the side though.
they eventually opened it!

iphone 5 panorama shot warped it but you can at least get an idea of how the whole thing is stained glass.  pretty impressive frenchies.

at the D'Orsay

love this painting "Le Chat Blanc" by Pierre Bonnard

hey mac users did you know that this Apple hardware test exists in your computer?  No?  good, hopefully you'll never have to use it.  I posted on this blog how i had to get my logic board replaced 3 months before this and once i got to paris the computer started restarting randomly making it stressful and hard to work.  This test said everything was fine but it definitely was not because when i finally got back to new york and took it to the apple store they had to replace the logic board again!
Ti-punch is a pretty disgusting drink that is super popular here.  Its rum and cane syrup or sugar and a lime.  
does there need to be a ti-punch maison?  Actually this place near my house in Butte Aux Cailles  "Folie en Tete" is a pretty decent bar and slightly off the main street so i prefer this to all the others.
picked up these labels for 1 euro at the marche aux puces clingancourt up north.
and picked up this real Jean Gabriel Domergue lithograph too!  gotta get it framed.  He claimed to have invented the pin up girl

why wouldn't you ask them what their specialty is when you try a new boulangerie?  This one is on August Blanqui and has a Belle Epoque look to it and this super dense nut and fruit bread is their specialty and was awesome.

I saw this enough times that it is definitely a thing, and what a considerate thing it is.  They put the dimensions of furniture they put out on the street for anyone to take.
a lot of Paris leaves in august so we were 2 of the very few people to watch this viewing of "La Planéte des Singes: L'affrontment" (Dawn of the planet of the apes).  It is a pretty awesome movie on a side note.

Bertillon Salted carmel ice cream still super delish

Kaz overtaken by the music
rue des mauvais garcons.  bad boy street

pastels for sale at Sennelier

Kaz comin' atcha